About us

Popolop is a minimalist, stylish brand of children’s clothing.
Popolop designs are inspired by familiar garment archetypes, but with subtle engineered alterations and nuances the outcome is both innovative and modern.
The designs continually merge form with function, creating comfortable clothing with a cosy, natural fit.
Popolop is all about modern classics, creating a family style that grows with the child.
We return to simple values, when clothes were made at home, personalized and kept with care.


The popolopshop shows a continuing stream of designs.
Most of our products come in limited amounts.
They return in time, made out of different materials or with different details.
If you can't find the right size in the shop, send us a mail.
We can always produce on request, if we have the right materials in stock.

We make custom made designs for any occasion.
We can design an exclusive collection, your style, a product or company concept.

If you have any questions about this site or our services,
contact us: info@popolop.com